Bottled gas and
Mini Bulk Tanks


Bottled or tank gas is the flexible option, allowing you to safely
use gas in your home without a mains gas supply.

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LPG setup

LPG gas central heating cylinders are available regardless of where you live and can be delivered to your door. For bulk tanks, we’ll maintain your gas supply wherever you are on the Island, and cylinders can also be used in addition to a mains supply.


Buy bottled gas

We have a range of gas cylinders that can be delivered to your door or purchased from our agents.

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Bulk tanks

As well as our comprehensive range of bottled gas cylinders we also offer discreet bulk tanks to store your gas supply.


How gas storage tanks work

Your gas tank is usually installed underground, leaving refill access just above ground level. This can be disguised to blend in with your garden or driveway.

From £34 per month

Switch and get an
energy efficient boiler

Save more than just energy when you switch to gas. Get an energy efficient boiler and spread the cost over up to five years.


Make the switch from oil to gas

Free connection
Free removal of oil tank or boiler
Low cost installation


Get complete
peace of mind

Get qualified engineers and 24/7 support, for when
things don’t go to plan. Plus free annual servicing and
parts, all included in our Homeplan options.